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Hi there! I’m magickmoons. You can find me on livejournal, dreamwidth,, and Ao3 as magickmoons. I also have a tumblr (username: flutter-by) that I am working on figuring out. I post at all places, but not everything goes up on every site. The most up to date index of my writing (including both fanfic and original) can be found at my livejournal for the time being. There is a rhyme & a reason as to where I post which pieces, but please do not ask me to explain it to you. If I did that, you would look at me askance and back away slowly. My brain is a confusing, scary place sometimes. (Same thing goes with trying to explain to people why I go by one name at places X, Y, and Q, but another entirely at places Z, A, and N - it makes sense to me, but then their eyes start to glaze over...)

I write primarily in the Stargate SG-1 fandom, but also occasionally write in Buffy/Angel and Firefly, as well as some original work. I have written a couple of pieces in the Bones fandom, but do not anticipate any more forthcoming (with the possible exception of a Bones/SG-1 crossover that keeps bouncing around my brain). My writing covers all ratings, many different topics, and several different ‘ships. I do my best to give an overview of what might be included ship-wise and content-wise in the header or notes.

Concrit is always welcome.
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